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    While one of Great Britain’s track megastars faded away in second place, the other went out with a huge bang. Sir Chris Hoy owned the men’s Keirin event earlier today at the London Olympic Velodrome and became Britain’s most successful Olympian of all time, decorated with 6 Gold medals.

    In typical Hoy fashion, it didn’t look like our Keirin World Champion would take the win until the last fraction of a second leading up to the finishline. After advancing through the tournament with ease, Hoy began the final heat in the third position behind the derny. As the derny pulled off, the race between some of the fastest racers in the world starts off. With to laps to go, Hoy pulls to the front of the field and creates a small gap. The gap doesn’t last long as Malaysia’s Azizulhasni Awang sticks to Hoy’s wheel. The bell rings to signify the the last lap and Germany’s Maximilian Levy comes around the field to come up next to Hoy’s bike. On the back straight, it looks as if Hoy is running out of gas and Levy might have him beat. But Levy has a longer distance to travel on the outside of turns three and four and Hoy takes advantage of that. He pulls hard and strong through the corners and slingshots into the front straight to take a demanding lead towards the finishline. Another amazing win for Sir Chris Hoy as the stadium’s crowd roars.

    Hoy has said before that he will be retiring after the London Olympics but it’s really up in the air. A couple years ago Hoy had to drop out of competing in the Commonwealth Games at New Delhi in order to chase down Olympic qualification points at the European Championships. Hoy laments this decision as the Commonwealth Games provide a rare opportunity to represent his native country of Scotland in an international competition. The 2014 Commonwealth Games will take place in Glasgow at the newly built Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome. The competition is still a couple years away so Hoy has not decided yet whether or not to sign up. We’ll see.

    GOLD — Great Britain (Sir Chris Hoy)
    SILVER — Germany (Maximilian Levy)
    BRONZE (tied) — Netherlands (Teun Mulder) and New Zealand (Simon van Velthooven)

    Full results available HERE. Watch the final heat at NBC Olympics. Photos courtesy of The Guardian.
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